Understanding the Gaps in Your Anti-Bribery Programme

Organisations should consider building their programmes against an anti-bribery management system to address unintended gaps. In doing so, this will help to align the programme and give way to a blueprint for next steps. By following the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System, organisations can consistently:

  • Develop, manage and enhance anti-bribery initiatives
  • Promote a culture of self-evaluation and improvement
  • Increase stakeholder buy-in and leadership commitment
  • Improve risk management
  • Adapt rapidly to any change in their environment
  • Provide brand recognition of an ethically responsible organisation

In this actionable webinar you will learn how getting certified against ISO 37001 can:

  • Elevate your brand’s competitive advantage in the market
  • Identify and fix common gaps in your anti-bribery programme
  • Improve your anti-bribery programme’s performance
  • Transform your ABAC programme into a world-class anti-bribery management system

Slide deck available here

Watch the recording here

To find out more about ETHIC Intelligence, please visit www.ethic-intelligence.com. If you have inquiries regarding this webinar, please contact contact@ethic-intelligence.com.

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