Webinar: Acknowledging compliance gaps to avoid reputational damage

The court of public opinion often moves faster and perhaps more harshly than most courts of law.  When The Red Flag Group® asked about the growth of reputational risks over the past five years via a survey to about 100 compliance professionals, over 70% agreed that reputational risks are more concern now than just 5 years ago.

The Red Flag Group’s Research and Analysis team discusses the emergence of reputational risks in the compliance industry and how to apply best practices to help mitigate those risks. While many compliance professionals focus on risks such as bribery and corruption, reputational risks such as human rights, diversity, and environmental concerns among others are identified as areas where more resources are needed.

In this webinar, the findings of the survey are discussed in terms of practical changes that professionals can make to be proactive instead of reactive when addressing reputational risk.

Key takeaways

  • How are companies handling reputational risks?  Who owns the management of reputational risks at a company? And what groups pose the most harm?
  • Examining survey findings and industry trends to determine what companies can do to address reputational risks
  • Getting executive awareness and resource buy-in for compliance programs as the demand to address reputational risks increase

Slide deck available here
Watch the recording here

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