Why enhanced due diligence is good for business

While conducting IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence on a supplier in Pakistan, we found a series of blog posts alleging that the target company’s key principals were using their political connections to obtain public contracts. Therefore, because allegations made on blogs and other unmoderated social media platforms cannot be validated, our Pakistan Case Manager, Songlin Chua, advised the Client after preliminary checks on conducting enhanced due diligence, which includes: reputational enquiries, litigation checks, site visits, reverse directorship checks and on-the-ground investigations. Low level due diligence in Pakistan generally yields little or no valuable information to assess risks and is difficult for Clients to make informed decisions.

Songlin demonstrated to the Client why enhanced due diligence is strongly recommended in countries where public information is not easily accessible and media is either censored or underdeveloped.

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Songlin Chua, Research & Analysis Team (Penang).

Songlin has a strong understanding of financial macroeconomics and international trade, and provides our clients with valuable solutions in assessing and mitigating international political, foreign exchange and transactional risks.

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