Managing risks by understanding local culture and language

As part of our IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence background check on a potential joint venture partner, we uncovered family ties between the two founding shareholders of the target company and a deputy minister in the Vietnam government. The two founding shareholders do not share the same surname and one of them holds a very low media profile.

Working with our local resource in Vietnam, Case Manager, Giang To, managed to identify the connection between the two founding shareholders despite the limited information, complex pronouns and honorifics system in Vietnam. Giang also managed to identify some more members in the family and produced their family tree covering up to three generations. 

He further examined the targets’ publicly available addresses and found that the address of first shareholder’s sister and that of the deputy minister’s mother are the same.

Using local knowledge and expertise, Giang found and highlighted in the family tree that the two founding shareholders were uncles of the deputy minister.

Giang demonstrated our strong investigation capability in Vietnam by meticulously identifying eight members of the family and their ties to the deputy minister.

He also demonstrated our deep understanding of the local language and culture in different countries.

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Giang To, Research & Analysis Team (Penang).

Giang has a strong understanding of the political environment, legal framework, and major business risks in countries such as Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. He has participated in numerous due diligence projects on third parties in Vietnam and has assisted with on-site audits on distribution channels.

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