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During an IntegraHire® | Executive screening on a Malaysian individual, one of our Malaysia Case Managers, Eliene Gan, who happen to come from the same region as the target individual in Malaysia, used her local knowledge and expertise to confirm that the target individual was alternatively using aliases and nick names for political and official business activities.

In some parts of Malaysia, it is very common for people to use abbreviations, aliases and nicknames which may be problematic when conducting background checks on individuals especially with similar names like: "Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Bakar" "Abdul Ghani" "Abdul Ghani Abd Bakar" "Abdul Ghani Bakar" "Abdul Ghani Abdul Bakar" "Abd Ghani".

Eliene used her extensive local knowledge and regional naming conversion expertise from that part of Malaysia to identify the individual. Her initial findings were confirmed by cross-referencing publicly available sources against limited official sources and a client-provided CV. Further research also revealed that the individual was involved in organised crime and corruption scandals.

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Eliene Gan, Research & Analysis Team (Penang).

As a law graduate, Eliene has conducted hundreds of due diligence projects in the Greater China region mainly for the pharmaceutical, medical and IT industries. She also has in-depth understanding of the regulations applicable in the Commonwealth countries.

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