How well do you trust your third party?

A Singapore-based construction company had told our Client that it does not do business in sanctioned countries or with sanctioned entities. However, our client was not convinced by the verbal assurance provided by the target company.

Therefore, the Client requested The Red Flag Group® to perform an enhanced due diligence on the target company to ascertain its business activities. One of our Asia Pacific experts, Eva Tung performed extensive background checks on the company and found no information suggesting that the target company had business dealings in Sudan, an African country still on the European Union and UK sanctions lists.

However, upon cross-referencing with multiple official and public sources and working in collaboration with our Middle East and Africa Professional Services team, Eva uncovered evidence that the target company was doing business in Sudan and with sanctioned entities.

Eva demonstrated how a deep dive due diligence requires additional checks using different sources and databases. Our Professional Services teams, based in different locations around the globe, will collaborate to help Clients identify and manage risks. Our teams are always working around the clock in different regions to ensure that the needs of our Clients are met.

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Eva Tung, Asia Pacific Professional Services Team (Penang).

Eva is familiar with the financial markets sector in different Asian countries. She has conducted numerous background checks and investigations in Southeast Asian countries and the Greater China region.

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