How we confirm suspicious dealings using multiple data sources

Official and publicly available sources could not confirm that the target company and its related entity secretly colluded and participated in public tenders as competitors, contrary to Article 42 of the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Tenders and Bids” (2011) which prohibits collusion between competitors on pricing or bidding documentations during public tenders.

The two entities won numerous public tenders without being noticed. Using his extensive research experience, our Shanghai-based Research & Analysis Team conducted multiple discreet reputational enquires and repeated on-the-ground investigations with industry peers and experts, who eventually confirmed that the two entities were related, and had purposely agreed to participate in public tenders as competitors.

Our team flagged the findings to the Client who immediately severed business ties with the target company. Our research analyst demonstrated that a proper enhanced due diligence involves more than what is available in official and other publicly available sources such as the media.

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