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While conducting due diligence background checks on an individual in Taiwan, Case Manager, Mandy Yeang found numerous individuals with the same name as the target individual. Equipped only with a Client-provided photograph of the target individual, we performed numerous reverse image checks and detailed false-positive analysis via official and open source databases which revealed that the target individual was a Person of Interest wanted for financial fraud and money laundering, while he served as senior executive at a State-Owned Enterprise.

Mandy underlined that at The Red Flag Group®, even when we have limited information, we are able to think outside the box and provide key results to our Clients.

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Mandy Yeang, Research & Analysis Team (Penang).

Mandy has in-depth understanding of the financial accounting standards and practices applicable for Commonwealth and southeast Asian countries. She has worked on close to a hundred due diligence projects, including those around mergers & acquisitions.

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