Conducting due diligence in high-risk countries with limited sources

While conducting background checks on a company based in Equatorial Guinea with operations in the Gulf region, our Middle East and Africa specialist, Lamees Al Maaita, uncovered limited information from publicly-available sources to effectively assess the risks associated with the company.

Lamees used her on-the-ground connections to gather local business intelligence, and was able to establish a connection between a politically-influential Gulf-based family and a high-ranking politician in the Office of the President in Equatorial Guinea.

Lamees further uncovered evidence that the owners of the target company changed the company’s trading name to hide the fact it recorded massive financial losses for two consecutive years. Further investigation and analysis revealed that the stakeholders of the target company were trying to engage with our Client under false pretences.

Our MEA specialist demonstrated to the Client how fraudulent behaviour can be identified with the right tools and the right regional insight.  

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Our team uses local knowledge and global expertise to drive research and analysis beyond simple data reporting.









Lamees Al Maaita, Research & Analysis Team (Amman).

Lamees is our Middle East and Africa country specialist. She has led numerous cross-jurisdictional due diligence projects using her in-depth regulatory compliance knowledge and expertise to investigate cross-jurisdictional crimes.  

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