Webinar: Monitoring your third parties’ integrity and compliance with an integrated ESG approach

Environmental, social and governance compliance has never been of a greater importance than it is today, mostly due to the increasing pressure of governments and regulators. In current times, not only do the investors put their focus on evaluating companies’ ESG policies before investing or acquiring a target they want, but also the customers want to know how companies manage the environment they do business in and how they relate socially to local communities as well as the company’s own governance practices.

Watch the recording of this webinar as Paul Johnson, the Product Director of The Red Flag Group, gives you detailed advice on why you should review your compliance programme and how to build a visible ESG framework to effectively measure the sustainability and the ethical impact of the suppliers as well as business partners that you engage with.

Key Takeaways

  • How ESG compliance plays a critical role in today’s landscape
  • The importance of ensuring compliance with legislation and ethical principles
  • How to establish an ESG framework effectively
  • The ESG-related pitfalls & The long-lasting consequences of violating the ESG requirements

Slide deck available here

Watch the recording here

To find out more about our products and services, please visit www.redflaggroup.com. If you have inquiries regarding this webinar, please contact info@redflaggroup.com.

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