Webinar (Mandarin): Downsides of seasonal gifts. Everything you need to know about Gift Travel and Entertainment (GTE) before the holidays

Date: 24, January, 2019

Time: 11:00 AM (HKT)

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One more month to go before the Chinese New Year holidays! Gift-giving is a long-standing global tradition that many companies practice by offering reasonable rewards to their clients, suppliers, distributors, resellers, vendors and other business partners.

It goes without saying that the practice of giving reasonable gifts over the holiday season is not illegal but regulators expect companies to create and implement water-tight Gift Travel and Entertainment policies and procedures that clearly distinguish what is a reasonable gift and what is not.

Over the last 10 years, companies have been sanctioned or fined for paying bribes disguised as seasonal gifts. During this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to explore your GTE data to see patterns
  • How to efficiently manage GTE risk against resource restrictions
  • Common issues with Gift Travel Entertainment (GTE) and what companies need to prepare before the holidays.

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季节性礼品的缺点 - 假期来临前,您需要了解关于礼品、旅行和娱乐活动(GTE)的一切




还有一个月便是农历新年假期! 送礼是一项传统,许多公司都会通过向利益相关者提供奖励来实践。不言而喻,在假日季节提供合理礼品的做法并非违法,但监管机构希望公司制定并实施礼品旅行和娱乐政策和程序,明确区分什么是合理的礼物和什么不是。


  • 如何探索您的GTE数据以查看模式
  • 如何有效管理GTE风险以防止资源限制
  • 礼品旅游娱乐(GTE)的常见问题以及公司在假期前需要准备的内容。


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