Emerging market business teams handling compliance risks (Middle East)


The client is a multinational company operating in over 80 countries.

The client wanted to really challenge their business leaders in the emerging markets to understand and identify risky business more effectively. They needed to train their teams on understanding the risks by having them ready and willing to spot issues that required attention. Some of them were new to the emerging markets and needed additional training to understand the laws and business practices in these regions. 


We worked with the client to build a workshop for a series of executive level sessions held in Middle East countries. These workshops were built to mimic the issues that the client was facing in some markets and challenged the attendees to think differently about risk. They were half day sessions that involved the groups breaking off into smaller teams to handle complex tasks.The issues that were covered included the following:

  • Corruption issues in various forms along with engaging the local Government in local tenders
  • Export control and trans shipment issues for their products
  • Issues with pricing variations from logistics providers handling imports
  • Human trafficking issues around a construction company supplier
  • Managing complex government and business inter-relationships with suppliers
  • Conflict of interests across suppliers
  • Bid rigging and collusion across distributors


About two weeks to build the material and then each in-country session took two to three hours, depending on the size of the operation.

Why The Red Flag Group?

Practical. We are practical and engaging in-country sessions. We know how to make people feel at ease and how to engage non-compliance people to speak about compliance.

Custom. All our workshops are customised and tailored to our clients needs. We structure them according to their the business models, their workforce, locations, potential risks and previous issues. 

Country and regional experiences. We know the issues in countries and we know what to ask and what not to ask. We remain culturally sensitive when advising our clients.  

Logistical Management. We arranged operations in several locations and managed the entire process from the start to end and provided the necessary support to carry out primary activities.

Recommendations. No one wants just training, they want to hear feedback to improve the training at all times. Recommendations throughout the process adds value and enhances the trainings effectiveness.

Fixed Price. We offered a set price for all our programmes and all our costs in attending various sites around the Middle East.



  • Designing the workshop
  • Drafting the material and arranging locations in our offices or the client offices
  • Attending and facilitating all sessions in country in multiple languages
  • Drafting a report for management on summarising concerns identified
  • Drafting a gap analysis and areas for improvement across identified
  • Report out to all participants


  • Training face to face workshops in various countries


To find out more about our products and services and how we can help your company, please visit www.redflaggroup.com. If you have any enquiries, please contact info@redflaggroup.com.

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