Leveraging a centralised platform to support a maturing programme for improved visibility and global standardisation


This commercial real estate client was looking for global solutions that could assist them in managing third party due diligence (screening and monitoring). They were doing a good amount of manual work, including scoring in spreadsheets.

As a maturing programme, they were looking for a centralised platform with search capabilities and dynamic questionnaires. They also had compliance teams in Europe and the United States so they needed to standardise their programme across the globe and see approvals at a glance.


The Red Flag Group® streamlined their programme globally with the ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform and was able to centralise everything online. The client received a thorough implementation including a Client Services “Playbook” that included an implementation checklist, version control, meeting logs and a timeline all in one place. The Red Flag Group® team also offered advisory to help the client optimise their programme and the Client Services team was able to combine their multiple questionnaires into one. The client now has visibility into approval status which has reduced the number of duplicate requests from other teams for a single entity.


Implementation – Four months as requested by client

Why The Red Flag Group®:

Centralised place to store and record. All the client’s compliance data is now available from one location for a holistic, integrated view.

Knowledge and advisory. Our teams are compliance experts and we were able to provide guidance to the client on what it takes to build a successful global compliance programme

Dedicated, accessible support. We provide 24/7 support for our clients and this client was no exception. They received extensive training for Administrators and End Users, a two-day onsite workshop, and a dedicated Client Services Support Manager that took over after the Implementation Manager to ensure a smooth transition.


ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform, including:

  • New workflow design
  • Enhanced, consolidated questionnaires and risk-based scoring
  • Administrative and end user training
  • Onsite workshop

IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening


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