Letter from the Editor in Chief

September 14, 2016

By Scott Lane, The Red Flag Group®

Dear Valued Compliance Insider® Reader,

As you know, Compliance Insider® is a part of The Red Flag Group and we have been building our content across both Compliance Insider® and The Red Flag Group for several years. We have now decided to merge the content into one place and create a much better interactive platform that sits on The Red Flag Group website.

For you, the reader, this will mean greater access to genuine thought leadership, compliance expertise and resources – and all housed on one user-friendly platform. The content is all free and no password is required to access the material. You can, of course, also access this material through all your devices and it has been designed for phone and tablet viewing.

Merging the content will help you to more efficiently access industry insights and the answers to the challenges that you face, and also allow us to better provide you with a single face to the Firm through our Insights platform.

As always we welcome all feedback on how we can further support you.

Yours sincerely,

Scott Lane

CEO & Chairman, The Red Flag Group

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