The Red Flag Group: Regional updates

February 28, 2017

Update from our largest region – The Americas

We have grown substantially in the Americas region, adding capabilities in Client Services, Professionals Services, Product Development, and Business Development.

The Americas Client Services team is fully staffed and located in our Phoenix office. The team is comprised of Client Implementation Managers, who manage all our technology implementations, Client Services Managers, those who serve our clients in their day-to-day operations, and Client Services Associates, those who support the team and help with customers where needed.

Our Professional Services organisation supports all of our solutions and is involved daily in providing advice to clients and building our subscription-based information and intelligence assets. The Americas Professional Services team has team members located in the United States, the Philippines, and our new office in Panama. The team is involved in a broad range of engagements, including defining and building compliance programmes around key compliance risk areas; conducting compliance risk assessments, audits and health checks, and performing investigations of misconduct often across multiple jurisdictions. Our Professional Services organisation is key to the delivery of our compliance products and services, and a recent restructuring of the team combined our advisory and professional services personnel into the one organisation, which will further develop the breadth of expertise and services the team offers. The team is continuing to grow, and we expect to double the number of staff in our Panama office over the course of 2017.


Update from our most diverse region - Europe

Europe is a growth area for the Firm and is by far our most diverse. Some of our largest clients in 2016 and 2017 are based in Europe. We are totally committed to Europe and growing our business there. It is not easy, as every country in Europe has different standards for compliance and is at a different level of sophistication and seriousness. As a result we have, in some cases, adjusted our products to address these different markets.

Recently, we opened offices in Zurich, to cater for our clients in Switzerland and Germany, and in Amsterdam for our Benelux market. Our next stop is the Nordics, where we will be growing further to support a very large client base.

We have made significant progress with the growth of our European Professional Services team. Expanding from London, we now have locations in Krakow, Poland and also Geneva, Switzerland. Our Poland-based team deliver the majority of our IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence projects for Russia and the Eastern Europe region. We are one of the few firms that has all of our resources that conduct European work based in Europe. All of our data is generated in Europe, all of our analysis is done in Europe, and when required, we will deliver all the work in Europe.

In Europe, we are looking at many issues across many areas. Our focus recently has been helping clients manage complex data privacy laws in Russia and parts of Europe. In fact, we even have options to house our Compliance Desktop® | Compliance Technology Platform in Russia. This is in addition to having in-house Russian-speaking compliance experts who help our clients navigate the complex market of proposed business partners or distributors.

Update from our newest region - Middle East and Africa

Dubai was the Firm’s second office after Hong Kong. We have been in this market for over seven years. While it is not a new office, we have broken the Middle East and Africa away from Europe and made it a separate region. This exercise will include adding additional capabilities to the region's two offices in Dubai, UAE, and Amman, Jordan. We act for several leading companies and government-owned enterprises across the Middle East. Much of our work involves building and maintaining their compliance programmes. We have also found this region is growing rapidly for the work we do in Iran, Iraq, and the UAE, and while it is a complicated area, our team have experience helping clients navigate these complex markets.


Update from our fastest growing region - Asia Pacific

For us, Asia Pacific has always been a growing market and due to the nature of our work for our global clients, the region has always been our busiest from a delivery perspective with China and India at its core. 

We have also recently expanded our presence in the Australia and New Zealand markets with the opening of our Sydney office in mid-September 2016.  

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