The Red Flag Group: Letter from the CEO

February 28, 2017

From time to time, we will update you on what we are focused on and how we are working to help you manage your compliance risks.

Some of the key objectives of The Red Flag Group are to solve compliance problems, innovate new solutions, and help you manage your integrity risks. Our mission is to be your trusted adviser, the place that you turn to for your compliance needs. To do that it means we need to be the best in the market.

Right now, we have more people as Certified Compliance & Ethics Professionals (CCEP)® than any other business, anywhere in the world. Period. This is a commitment, and we take it seriously. We are not just some accounting, law, or consulting firm. We are The Compliance Firm®.

On the product side, we are doing some smart things to build solutions to help you manage your compliance programmes. Below are just some of the key things we are working on, many we can’t give too much detail right now for competitive reasons, but stay tuned, artificial intelligence and machine learning in compliance are just some of the solutions we will be releasing in the next year.

  • We are expanding our database, IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening, to cover 30 risk areas in 180 countries. Not easy, but we think that there should be a list of companies and people involved in bad compliance areas, that this should be available online, and this shouldn’t just be a sanctions list (like what most of our competitors provide).
  • We believe that there is a huge need for a technology platform that a compliance officer can use every day to manage their compliance programme. We believe that platform is Compliance Desktop® | Compliance Technology Platform. This is not a due diligence ordering tool, it is an all-encompassing platform to manage compliance. Our strategy in this area is leading edge. We cover conflicts of interest, certifications, and training, with more areas of coverage being planned for release this year. Your platform shouldn’t be some audit platform or case-management module. It needs to be a full stack of modules that manage compliance proactively and reactively. The Compliance Desktop® | Compliance Technology Platform does just that.
  • We believe that a company can’t ignore its supplier risk. Many companies do not address supplier compliance risks well enough and they can’t continue to rely on simple workflows and shared databases where information is simply collected and shuffled around the company. We have taken the knowledge of our 400 compliance professionals and embedded it into a risk analyser in Supplier Integrity®, creating a proprietary algorithm to help you manage risk across 30 areas.
  • We have been working on managing entire compliance programmes for some clients. Clients have effectively outsourced whole aspects of a programme to us. We call this set of services, Managed Services and have been delivering these programmes worldwide. These projects require skills, people, process, and technology. We have all of these; most of our competitors don’t.

We have consolidated and expanded our industry education through Insights, featuring Compliance Insider®, which can be found at  It contains webinars and papers that focus on issues that you care about.

Kind regards

Scott Lane │CEO & Chairman

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