Leading data and intelligence firm The Red Flag Group opens in Spain

• The Red Flag Group now has 15 offices worldwide across five continents.

• The firm has carried out more than 500,000 reports in 45 languages across 194 countries.

The Red Flag Group, a firm that combines data and business intelligence in an innovative cocktail, has opened an office in Spain’s capital, Madrid.

‘We decided to open a Madrid office due to the maturity of the Spanish market and its companies. We know these companies need quality support to be able to face increasingly difficult environments and new regulations in place – not only on a national scale but also internationally,’ explained Scott Lane, CEO and President of The Red Flag Group. ‘The firm’s mission is to allow its clients to make the best decisions when selecting their partners, employees, suppliers and even their own clients.’

According to Mr. Lane, ‘the arrival of The Red Flag Group in Spain reflects its worldwide clients’ interest in investing and growing their companies in key markets’.

To formally debut the Madrid office, The Red Flag Group held a gathering to discuss the latest developments and case studies in compliance and due diligence, and invited guests from organisations such as Cumplen (The biggest Compliance association in Spain) and the World Compliance Association, as well as journalists and some Spanish clients of the firm.

For the special occasion, the firm was represented by Information Services and Technology Products Director, Andrew Henderson, Business Development Director Casper Bekker, and Europe Marketing Director Maria Girald.

During the event, Mr Henderson conducted a workshop during which he stressed how important it was for companies to be able to ask the right questions so they can fully understand the risks that apply to them. He also highlighted that one of the main challenges for companies operating in foreign markets is supply chain integrity, and said that companies should know who the suppliers of their suppliers are.

There was also high-level debate with controversial topics ranging from reputation and its real impact on company performance to how to act (from a compliance point of view) against fake news.

The presentation ended with an analysis on the evolution of the compliance discipline, and all attendees reached a consensus on the fact that, although there is still a long way to go, compliance has evolved from being a cost to being considered a business issue.

About The Red Flag Group

Since its founding 12 years ago, The Red Flag Group has helped its clients make the best decisions for their businesses with more than 500,000 compliance and due diligence reports.

The firm, which has a total of 15 offices in five continents, more than 200 qualified compliance professionals and more than 100 professionals devoted to technological development, provides services in 45 different languages.

The Red Flag Group’s portfolio of solutions and tools has been designed to cover all clients’ needs. These tools include IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence to allow clients to meet their compliance requirements on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, the IntegraWatch® database of companies and people that have been involved in negative compliance issues across 23 different risk areas, ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform® to identify and manage risks associated with channel partners, and Supplier Integrity® to understand and proactively manage the risks that suppliers bring.


For more information visit www.redflaggroup.com.

To contact the communications department of The Red Flag Group in Spain, email comunicacion@redflaggroup.com.

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