The new DOJ guidance explained: The top to bottom of what it means for your corporate compliance programme

February 9, 2017

What are the actions  your company should take in response to DOJ’s recent release of the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programmes? 

The guidance outlines over 40 factors that the DOJ  takes into consideration when conducting an investigation of a corporate entity. This guidance should serve as a checklist for CCO’s, ensuring that they have a comprehensive compliance programme in place. 

However, the document contains more questions than it does answers.

During this webinar, The Red Flag Group’s subject matter experts will walk you through the new DOJ guidance concerning the importance of third party risk management, resources, policies, risk assessments, and operational integration as critical components of your programme.

Key takeaways include:

1. An easy to understand explanation of the key factors in the guidance

2. Suggestions for best practice improvements to your compliance program based on these factors

3. Immediate actionable and practical steps to take in response to the guidance


Slide deck available here

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