Why you need a subscription service to effectively monitor compliance and integrity in your third parties

To supplement our Pay-As-You-Go research, data and business intelligence solution, The Red Flag Group® has relaunched IntegraAlert® | Integrity and Risk Monitoring, a simple subscription service that helps you to extend the life of your IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence reports by providing ongoing monitoring of your third parties.

IntegraAlert® | Integrity and Risk Monitoring enables you to manage company risks more effectively and efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on your business goals.

Every day, our due diligence research team and technology monitor a wide cache of proprietary, subscribed and open source databases to check for any changes in your third parties’ operational, business, management, reputational, financial and integrity risk profiles. Our team also checks changes in the regulations, laws and political environment in jurisdictions where your third parties are located or are doing business on your behalf.

The key features of IntegraAlert® | Integrity and Risk Monitoring are:

  • Daily monitoring of IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening database for records relating to the target entity
  • Daily monitoring of global, multilingual media sources to identify and analyse adverse media relating to the target entity
  • Scheduled reviews of corporate registry and local litigation records (where available)

When an integrity or business issue is identified, an IntegraAlert® noti­fication will be sent to you with customised advice to effectively manage the issue before impact.

The key benefits of IntegraAlert® | Integrity and Risk Monitoring to you include but not limited to:

  • Enhancing your compliance defence
  • Identifying integrity issues and providing you with customised advice and related information before the potential impact
  • Focused analysis of issues that are relevant to you, your business and your risk profi­le, and helping to reduce the time and money you need to spend on minor issues
  • Helping you save costs and manpower
  • Extending the lifespan of your due diligence reports

Organisations have an obligation to constantly monitor the conduct of their third parties and ensure that any identified misconduct is well-managed and remediated effectively.

Download our brochure or contact us at info@redflaggroup.com to learn how you can subscribe to IntegraAlert® | Integrity and Risk Monitoring.

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