How to prioritise third party risk

How much due diligence should we be doing? Which third parties should be monitored? We have limited resources, how can we maximise our budget to cover our highest risks?

How to evaluate your third party integrity programme

  1. Get focused on business risks and counterparty risks. Not only accounting or financial risks but risks that can affect the operation of your business and cause you actual business loss and reputational damage.
  2. Get challenged about your process. 
  3. Gain insight into where your company stands amongst your peers.
  4. Detailed direction and guidance are given on how to manage a budget for due diligence.

For Suppliers

For Channel Partners

You are held responsible for your counterparties. We help you manage them proactively.

Why work with The Red Flag Group?

  • Expertise. Access our expertise at identifying potential risks in your business. We know how to engage with the business to find the risks.
  • Practical. With our knowledge and expertise across 194 countries and 45 languages in-house, you can get help managing your third party risk, identify key risk areas and plans on how to bridge the gap to manage them effectively.
  • Content. We focus on over 30 key risks areas that are relevant to your business and are common in your counterparty relationships.
  • Pricing. Get charged a fixed price with no opportunity for scope creep. Get a quote today.

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