How up to date are your global sanctions lists?

Failing to adhere and comply with sanctions regulations can lead to serious financial and reputational risks. Thus, companies need to stay on top of ever-changing sanctions laws and regulations. To ensure maximum client protection, is updated daily with records from government agencies, subscribed databases, proprietary records and official lists like Office of Foreign Asset Control List, United Nations Sanctions List, Her Majesty’s Treasury Sanctions List, European Union Sanctions List, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade List, and Specifically Designated Nationals and Blocked Person List. This is to ensure that all records are up-to-date with any individual or company that may pose risks to clients is flagged. Clients can rely on to screen names of people and companies against a database containing over five million records from across all industries in over 194 countries to help the flag risky partners and avoid financial and reputational risks.

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How comprehensive is your compliance screening in China?

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