Integrity due diligence in 30 points

August 2, 2016

When we take a look back five years ago, many due diligence providers’ activities were dedicated to FCPA due diligence focused on bribery and sanctions when working with channel partners, resellers, distributors, agents and intermediaries. However, The Red Flag Group has recognized that focusing strictly on bribery and sanctions creates a liability for companies as a full spectrum of risks must be considered to fully protect a company against the many ways that third parties can cause them harm.
In early 2016, The Red Flag Group has seen a significant increase of interest into a variety of risks that extend beyond the previously narrow focus of many companies. One of the observations the Firm made is that it is no longer acceptable to look at prospective business partners with only a few select risks in mind. As a result, the Firm has developed products and services to help our clients expand their consideration of risks, which is broadly defined in these distinct 23 risks areas:

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