Webinar: Know your customer from top to bottom

Managing customer risks is all about knowing your customers, and while banks have been focusing on this for years other types of organisations have not. In a changing world, where companies are now judged on who buys their products, how they sell their products, and what products they allow people to buy, it is vital that every company has an effective and robust know-your-customer (or ‘KYC’) process.

Commercial organisations involved in various industries, including retail, manufacturing and services, need to build customer checks into their screening processes. A robust KYC process involves more than just screening end-user-type customers; it also extends to the companies with whom organisations engage to provide goods or services to the end customer.

Non-financial organisations may not always be legally required to screen customers, but the reputational damage that could result from engaging or associating with a high-risk customer underscores the need for an effective KYC process.

This webinar explores how companies can best manage customer risk through effective screening.

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