April - Jun 2016 edition

April 1, 2016

Compliance Insider is designed exclusively to help compliance professionals anticipate and fully understand the demands of the legal and compliance department. 

In this edition, you will see a focus on compliance training: what works and what doesn’t. The Red Flag Group has tackled head on the fact that compliance training has been stuck in a time warp for 20 years by releasing a new product that focuses on ‘activity-based’ training. Issue 21 discusses the benefits of activity-based training over role-based training, and our firm is excited to take on this challenge and change the industry. This edition also discusses another significant development in compliance and compliance technology with a story on how to use predictive analytics in compliance. Like compliance training, our firm has taken on the challenge of building new predictive analytics-based transaction monitoring solutions. In addition to the article in this edition of Compliance Insider®, The Red Flag Group has published a whitepaper that explains how it all works. Scott Lane, Editor in Chief

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