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Business Case: Optimising partner onboarding

June 25, 2018

Leading organisations rely on channel sales to penetrate difficult markets, sell products globally and reach revenue goals. One of the keys to running a successful channel sales programme is a smart, systematic, partner onboarding process. In this business case, we explore how a Fortune 1000 organisation boosted its channel sales performance by optimising its partner onboarding process - through a mixture of process improvement, onboarding technology and outsourcing.

In years past, this organisation’s onboarding process suffered from a variety of issues including long cycle times to onboard a partner, time consuming administrative tasks and a lack of clear standards to evaluate partners. Sales strategy was impacted – partners were not onboarded in a timely manner, sales managers struggled to meet recruitment quotas, and the organisation suffered from partner attrition. The organisation decided to work with our channel sales experts to enhance their process by defining a clear set of selection standards, outsourcing time consuming tasks and re-configuring their vendor onboarding platform. Within one year, the organisation reduced onboarding time in half, nearly tripled partner recruitment and doubled channel sales revenue potential. Learn more about how this organisation increased channel performance by reading our business case. 

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