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Drive channel sales by optimising partner onboarding

Channel sales managers should look at partner onboarding as an opportunity to drive channel sales business. With a few key changes, an onboarding process can become an asset that brings an organisation high-value business partners. Compliance professionals who are also seeking to minimise risk need to understand how the onboarding process can be used to identify high-integrity partners. By implementing the right number of controls and tasks, onboarding can be used to drive sales growth while limiting risk to the organisation.

This white paper from The Red Flag Group® will take you through a business case featuring a Fortune 1000 organisation and how they accelerated channel sales performance by optimising partner onboarding. It will take a closer look at how channel sales models function, typical issues that affect channel onboarding, and how these challenges impact sales growth. Then you will uncover more about the precise steps taken by the organisation to optimise the onboarding process, and the benefits they gained because of these changes.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • As a channel sales manager, how to re-design a channel onboarding process to better respond to revenue opportunities
  • As a compliance manager, how to collaborate with channel sales to identify viable, high integrity partners that reduce risk to the organisation while boosting channel growth
  • Four simple takeaways that you can use to optimise partner onboarding in your organisation

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