Mar - Apr 2015 edition

March 1, 2015

Compliance Insider is designed exclusively to help compliance professionals anticipate and fully understand the demands of the legal and compliance department.

We have noticed a trend that our readers are increasingly using the magazine to engage with their business partners. In some cases, readers have even subscribed their CEO, head of channels, head of procurement or legal counsel to the magazine to help spread the word on compliance and expand the knowledge of their business partners. This is a positive change, not only for the industry but also for the role of Compliance Insider® in helping to better integrate the compliance industry into the world of business.

Compliance as a business concept is just about running a business with a set of rules and procedures. The role of chief compliance officers, and the role of this magazine, is to help people run their businesses in a more compliant and transparent way. We look forward to that challenge. Scott Lane, Editor in Chief

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