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Compliance Insider is designed exclusively to help compliance professionals anticipate and fully understand the demands of the legal and compliance department. Take a look at the current and past issues here.

  • July - Sep 2016 edition

    July - Sep 2016 edition

    Compliance Insider is designed exclusively to help compliance professionals anticipate and fully understand the demands of the legal and compliance department.

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  • April - Jun 2016 edition

    April - Jun 2016 edition

    In this edition, you will see a focus on compliance training: what works and what doesn’t. It also discusses the significant development in compliance and compliance technology.

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  • Jan - Mar 2016 edition

    Jan - Mar 2016 edition

    To be a great compliance officer (which is a phrase that we use often in this magazine) you need to be substantially ahead of the curve. Analytics and transaction monitoring can allow you to do that.

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  • Nov - Dec 2015 edition

    Nov - Dec 2015 edition

    The world of compliance is constantly evolving, and this has especially been the case over the last few months. Companies need to choose their risk-management tools wisely and adopt a flexible plan.

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  • Sep - Oct 2015 edition

    Sep - Oct 2015 edition

    Our Spotlight section in this edition focuses on know-your-customer (KYC) compliance. KYC has been around for 20 to 30 years in the financial-services space.

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  • Jul - Aug 2015 edition

    Jul - Aug 2015 edition

    We think that this is essential reading for every CCO so that they can think about how to improve. Although CCOs are focused on compliance, they are also part of a wider leadership team.

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  • May - Jun 2015 edition

    May - Jun 2015 edition

    Our only goal is to support members of the compliance community by providing the very best direction, guidance and intelligence for their businesses.

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  • Mar - Apr 2015 edition

    Mar - Apr 2015 edition

    We create a magazine that hopefully adds value to your role as a chief compliance officer. The feedback remains strong and positive, and we are even more focused to continue producing.

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  • Jan - Feb 2015 edition

    Jan - Feb 2015 edition

    We will be increasing our resources in this group and releasing more and more related businesses to supplement the significant amount of content that we have available to support you and your business

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  • Nov - Dec 2014 edition

    Nov - Dec 2014 edition

    This edition looks at a range of topics, with a focus on parts of Europe. Of course, it also includes our standard offerings, such as Things to Think About® and the results of our survey,

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  • Sep - Oct 2014 edition

    Sep - Oct 2014 edition

    This edition of Compliance Insider®, and its digital editions, are there to provide you advice, direction and counsel. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy putting them together.

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  • Jul - Aug 2014 edition

    Jul - Aug 2014 edition

    This edition comes at a time when the compliance industry is changing, and there is no doubt that it is changing for the better. Regulators are getting smarter.

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  • May - Jun 2014 edition

    May - Jun 2014 edition

    We are focused on giving you advice and counsel, using daily news as a backdrop, with the option of receiving this advice and counsel every week.

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  • Mar - Apr 2014 edition

    Mar - Apr 2014 edition

    Compliance is about taking more risks. It is about building better, simpler processes, not more complex ones; about making it easier and faster to do business, not harder and slower.

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  • Jan - Feb 2014 edition

    Jan - Feb 2014 edition

    This edition of Compliance Insider® considers a range of topics, always giving you real-life answers to real-life problems. We will always end with a conclusion, a take-away, and a call to action.

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  • Nov - Dec 2013 edition

    Nov - Dec 2013 edition

    We look at why compliance officers fail, and how they can improve their roles as leaders and be considered equals in their leadership teams.

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  • Sep - Oct 2013 edition

    Sep - Oct 2013 edition

    Our key is to get information to you fast, but also to provide commentary and direction that you need to think about. It’s not just news – it’s intelligence.

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  • Jun - Aug 2013 edition

    Jun - Aug 2013 edition

    In this edition we will continue to report on key compliance areas where we are seeing the most change, and will also cover some more country background.

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  • Mar - May 2013 edition

    Mar - May 2013 edition

    In this issue we continue to focus on providing solutions to common challenges global companies face while developing their compliance frameworks.

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  • Dec 2012 - Feb 2013 edition

    Dec 2012 - Feb 2013 edition

    Our Things to Think About™ series looks at a third party due diligence programme. We offer guidance in implementing the programme, from the budget stage to reporting to back to stakeholders.

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