Webinar: Why ISO 37001 certification matters in 2019

Why ISO 37001 Certification Matters in 2019

Do you know how bribery affects an organisation’s reputation?

82% of share value lost is due to reputational damage. Globally, the fight against bribery and corruption continues to be a top priority for compliance and risk management decision makers in 2019. Join us for the upcoming webinar “Why ISO 37001 Certification Matters in 2019” hosted by Scott Lane, CEO of The Red Flag Group and Varun Chandrasekaran, Product Manager of Compliance Managed Services at The Red Flag Group.

In this actionable webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The global cost of bribery
  • About ISO and the 37001 Standard
  • Why ISO 37001 is an internationally accepted system
  • How certification can help demonstrate the strength of your anti-bribery program
  • Comparison of the benefits provided by ISO 9001
  • And Frequently Asked Questions

Slide deck available here
Watch the recording here

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