Our commitment to building standards in the compliance and risk industry - ETHIC Intelligence acquisition

As global leader in supporting companies to manage the risks associated with third parties, we announce our commitment to building standards in the compliance and risk industry by acquiring the world’s leading anti-corruption certification agency, ETHIC Intelligence.

Based in Paris, ETHIC Intelligence has certified the anti-corruption standards of private corporations, public institutions and non-governmental organisations for over 12 years and is a thought leader in the development of global standards. The agency has unique expertise in anti-corruption benchmarking and specialises in providing anti-corruption certifications worldwide.

‘More and more companies are now seeing the value in gaining certifications in key compliance areas, including ISO 37001, the leading anti-corruption standard. The value to the company is that their stakeholders can rely on that certification as a reflection of their commitment to compliance – having such a certification reduces the risks of companies being involved in illegal dealings,’ said Scott Lane, CEO of The Red Flag Group. ‘What is important to our firm is how companies who have achieved their own certification can then engage their distributors, resellers, suppliers and other key partners to also get certified. That way, the existence of the certification can give our clients some comfort that their third parties take compliance seriously. As one of the leading providers of third party due diligence in the world to global companies, bringing a certification business into our group will add significant value to our clients by offering them and their third parties additional solutions for minimising the risk of compliance breaches in their own businesses and their partners’ businesses.’

Philippe Montigny, Managing Director of ETHIC Intelligence, said, ‘Growing our business with The Red Flag Group was a strategic decision to work with a global company that can give us the expertise and global presence that we need to grow. I have been an admirer of The Red Flag Group for years and have watched Scott and his team grow that business to over 300 people. With the development of our certification experience and the focus on how to engage with the third parties of our clients it became clear that they are the right partner for us. The Red Flag Group has an extensive group of anti-corruption and compliance professionals spread across the globe and covering 40 languages. We will strongly leverage this going forward to deliver on our audit and certification projects.’

The ETHIC Intelligence business will continue to be headquartered in France and will operate as an independent business unit of The Red Flag Group, while the solutions offered under the ETHIC Intelligence brand will be marketed and sold by The Red Flag Group’s global workforce. Philippe Montigny and Scott Lane will jointly lead the team and manage the business.

‘We are excited to have Philippe join our team and provide us with the advice and counsel in leading our efforts globally to be the leader in certifications of large global companies and their third parties,’ said Scott.

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To learn more information about the certification solutions offered by ETHIC Intelligence, visit www.ethic-intelligence.com.

To learn more about our product and services, visit www.redflaggroup.com

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