Keynote highlights from SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute Day 2

September 27, 2016

The Red Flag Group wrapped up an outstanding second day at the 2016 SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute. The conference continued to provide excellent content for the more than 1,700 compliance professionals in attendance. Day three will be a half-day session followed by the SCCE certification exam, which will be taken by several employees from The Red Flag Group.

The second day began with three keynote speeches. Justice Department (DOJ) representative Bill Baer opened the morning’s keynotes with remarks on what the DOJ considers ‘meaningful cooperation’ should constitute if it is to lead to a significant reduction in a financial penalty. Baer listed several specific factors that the DOJ considers when determining a company’s level of cooperation. For every chief compliance officer or even general counsel in the audience, it was solid information to put into practice if one is ever faced with a regulatory violation.

The next keynote was on the sobering topic of human trafficking and modern slavery, with Bill Shepherd and Gwen Hassan. A former DOJ prosecutor, Shepherd walked the audience through legal requirements and potential penalties. Hassan meanwhile helped the audience understand how corporations can best respond by establishing appropriate compliance programmes and mechanisms.

The final keynote on day two was by Kristy Grant-Hart, author of ‘How to be a wildly effective compliance officer. She was able to translate her fire and passion for the compliance profession into concrete steps that a compliance practitioner can take to impact compliance in his or her organisation. It was an inspiring final keynote to this great conference.

Join The Red Flag Group in Las Vegas for the 2017 SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute.

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