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In 2018 we launched Compliance Interactive® | Adaptive Compliance Training.

Our new training platform ushers in a new era in ethics and compliance training with an adaptive learning system designed to deliver only the most relevant content to each learner. This revolutionises the traditional approach to training by leveraging technology to deliver the right content to every user according to their role and experience and avoiding training staff on topics that are not relevant to them. This unique system, combined with expert-developed engaging content, changes the way that companies fulfil their compliance and ethics training obligations.

Compliance Interactive® | Adaptive Compliance Training

For decades, companies have had to either produce or license training libraries and put employees through hours of training each year. Often the content is too broad and irrelevant to an individual learner’s specific role and responsibility. Role-based training was introduced as an attempt to improve the relevancy of the content; however this has come at the cost of hundreds of hours of course management, assignment, tracking and reporting. There is a growing consensus that organisations are spending a third of their time and half of their budget on what are now regarded as check-the-box activities, starving investment in areas that would benefit a compliance programme. For this reason, we launched this innovative and adaptive training solution.

Paradigm shift

Compliance Interactive® | Adaptive Compliance Training is shifting the belief that all compliance training must be done the same old way. We have designed Compliance Interactive® | Adaptive Compliance Training as a solution to reduce the complexity of global compliance training programmes by delivering specific content to each employee. This means training administrators can spend less time managing course assignment and reporting to ensure their workforce receives the correct content. By delivering targeted curriculum for each learner, focusing on only what they need to know and eliminating unnecessary material, you save annual training time and simplify the management of your compliance training programme.

Increase learner engagement

Over the last 20+ years, there has been a lot of fatigue around stale, repetitive and irrelevant training, resulting in many suffering from training fatigue. Looking at the global market, we took a different approach to solve this problem. Instead of long boring courses, we developed an extensive library of short courses that are designed to align with an individual learner’s role and responsibilities. Compliance Interactive® | Adaptive Compliance Training presents learners with short computer-animated scenes and activities. These short courses are then combined into a single course for each learner.

This approach allows companies to replace their tired and costly training library license with a complete solution that ensures the right content is delivered. All content was developed with our global team of training experts that includes former in-house compliance professionals, lawyers, attorneys and other subject-matter and training experts.

Simplify implementation and management

Implementing and maintaining e-learning can be one of the largest sources of frustration for both the compliance department and the employees. When an organisation rolls out 20 different courses in ten languages and must programme complex assignment rules to reach different parts of the population, there will always be mistakes. Even the most seasoned and experienced administrators have had moments where the wrong assignments have gone out.

Compliance Interactive® | Adaptive Compliance Training reduces the complexity and stress by assigning training once, and the adaptive training system delivers the correct compliance content. This approach drastically reduces the complexity associated with tracking and reporting, significantly reducing the stress of global deployments.

How Compliance Interactive® | Adaptive Compliance Training works?

  1. Employee completes learner profile
  2. Adaptive training system selects relevant content
  3. Employee completes a single course

Using advanced technology, Compliance Interactive® | Adaptive Compliance Training adapts to deliver specific compliance and risk training based on an individual employee’s role, responsibilities and location.

After your employees are assigned training they are asked to complete their learner profile. Using the learner profile, the adaptive training system ensures that each employee receives the most relevant compliance content.

GOALS FOR 2018/19

Following the successful launch of this first version, we will continue building on the current value proposition in the following key areas.

     MORE LANGUAGES: Training must be delivered in a language that people understand, so our content will be translated into over 25 languages. This includes screen text as well as voice overs and narration to ensure that compliance messages are received.

    CONTENT EXPANSION: We are expanding the already large content library into areas such as country-specific content, life sciences, industry-specific data protections and additional case studies. This allows us to better serve a broader range of training needs and new markets.​

     MICRO-LEARNING ENHANCEMENTS: We are expanding the current capabilities to allow training administrators to launch micro-learning campaigns alongside the core training.​

This is an extract from The Red Flag Group Annual Report 2017/18. To read the full report please click here.


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