Webinar: Risky business: How to handle due diligence renewals - A discussion with Becton Dickinson

When the time comes to renew due diligence, what do you do? How do you balance volume, efficiency, and risk? What do regulators expect?

The Red Flag Group, together with Becton Dickinson, jointly present a webinar that discusses how to define and manage risk, practical tips on implementing an efficient process, and insights into what a due diligence renewal programme should look like. 

The risk profiles of your business partners change. Companies and individuals that presented a low risk a few years ago could be high risk today. It is essential to verify that the level of due diligence properly matches the risks presented by the target. 

While compliance budgets decrease, compliance officers are being asked to do more due diligence with less.  Therefore, it can be tempting to run everyone through the lowest level of due diligence at renewal but the result could leave the company open to more risk. Some risks can only be discovered with in-depth research.

Key takeaways include:

  • What are the regulatory expectations for due diligence renewals?
  • Practical tips for a risk-based renewal programme
  • A view from the trenches – how to develop, implement and manage a due diligence renewal programme


Susan Murr, Non-Executive Director, The Red Flag Group

Denis Jacob, Director - Global Commercial Compliance, Becton Dickinson

Watch the recording

Slide deck available here

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