Introducing IntegraCheck® 7.0 - A comprehensive 360 business overview

The Red Flag Group® prides itself as The Compliance Firm® - where Chief Compliance Officers come for strategic advice and solutions to make compliance a competitive advantage.

We are committed to supporting your compliance programmes by adding value and expertise through quality products and services.

Our enhanced IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence 7.0 has been designed to provide you with a comprehensive 360 business overview of your third parties while focusing on concerns that matter most to you. 

A wide stream of third party business risks, including integrity risks, reputational risks, operational risks and strategic risks are critically analysed by our team of skilled risk management specialists to give you the most applicable and actionable risk insights.  

With the following additional aspects, IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence 7.0 is set to provide you with everything you need to know about your existing and prospective business partners:

Peer Benchmarking: A clear visual display that lets you know how your third party ranks against its peers in the same industry and country:

IntegraRating®: The Red Flag Group®’s comprehensive proprietary risk assessment methodology provides you with an overview of all facets of the business based on the regional insights and global expertise of our Professional Services team. Taking into consideration the industry, country, size and type of third party, our rating is configured to provide a balanced overview of the business as a whole.  

IntegraRating® comes with an enhanced 10-Points Risk Rating System. This replacement for the old traffic light system has been designed to provide more clarity, which can be easily and quickly tailored to meet your specific risk needs. Each report will be rated and analysed based on the risks that matter the most to you:

Visual Risk Analysis: We have made extensive enhancements to the report sections to include risk analysis graphs. We measure and rate the key items that may affect the business, including:

  • Country-specific issues
  • Industry-specific issues
  • Economic/ political factors
  • Regulatory factors
  • Completeness/ Availability of data
  • Erroneous or unexpected findings
  • Transparency of ownership data
  • Transparency of management data

We are committed to continuous improvement benefiting all our clients.


Request a sample at: or visit our website: to find out about our IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence products and solutions.

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