Our 2018/19 Annual Report

Welcome to our 2018/19 Annual Report

We made significant improvements financially with revenue growth and positive cashflow from our operations, while further investing in our products and more overseas offices. Our investments in new products and research and development continue, both to commercialise new products in the future and develop internal solutions to allow us to become more efficient and productive. Again, this was all done with a long-term vision of sustainable and repeatable growth and profitability, without the need to produce short-term gains for investors that don’t align with our vision or the needs of our customers.

This year we implemented a corporate development team to help us grow our business both directly and through partners. We identified several areas where we want to invest and grow and have engaged our Strategy and Corporate Development team to coach the business leaders on how to achieve our strategic vision. The Strategy and Corporate Development team is key to identifying new partnership opportunities and it managed our acquisition of ETHIC Intelligence®, a Paris-based certification agency in the ISO 37001 and ISO 19600 space. This is an exciting area for the firm as there is more to expect in 2019/20 with further announcements and significant partnerships that align us with known companies that complement our solutions and will significantly add value for our clients.

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